Online Store Development
Professional Online Store Development as well as improvement of existing ones. The most popular platforms, programming, easy management, and overall functionality – made entirely to suit your business.
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Development of online stores for profitable businesses.

You Do you have million-worth idea?
We have the best solution that will suit all of your requirements. We specialize in the development of online stores – we will provide you with the best solutions, starting from the initial discussion all the way to the integration of the most complex systems.
We have developed an exclusive plan for your
business – SELL
E-store developed by top designers (promotions, categories, products, and many more).
The development procedure will take no longer than 25 days. We will fully prepare and apply your business model as required.
Clear content page and integrated order management system. Exchange information with no hassle.

Codes, page links, texts, speed optimization, and other SEO-related work.
High-quality, easy-to-read, and SEO-friendly texts. Information and advertising according to your wishes.
Integration of re-marketing tags, Google Analytics, and Search console. We will monitor and report visitors’ behavior.

This plan is developed to modernize new projects and already existing e-stores. We will develop an online store regardless of the number of products, be it one product or thousands – for both retail and warehouse production.

Let’s create a user-friendly shopping experience for your customers together. You can achieve your financial goals with SELL.

Price:Starting from €2997 + VAT

Page design (up to 8 pages)
E-store developed by top designers, including promotions, categories, products, check-out windows, and other necessary pages.
Development in up to 25 days
We will dedicate just 5 weeks to design, apply information allocation, and programming work.
Content management system
Manage your users, information, products, and other relevant aspects of your e-store – all controlled from one admin control panel.
Order management
You will see all the orders, change their statuses, and manage them if needed.
Simplified accounting and statistics
Get access to your store’s activity reports and export invoices for accounting purposes.
8 premium photos or illustrations.
We use only stock images, and our professional designers will integrate any illustrations you aspire.
6 icons
A professional illustrator will set up 6 icons that will match the style of your shop.
Texts up to 2000 words
We offer easy-to-read texts that are optimized for search engines for the best reach.
“Contact Us” form
Allow your customers to contact you easily – all the inquiries will be sent straight to your email.
Comment box
Do you wish to see and manage comment section? We will integrate comment box with bot protection system.
Let you customers share their opinion. Share positive feedback to other customers via email.
Chat window
You will have the opportunity to translate your store into any language.
Search box
Your shop will have a smart search box allowing your customers to find the products they need.
Customers will be able to use category filters to find the products they are interested in.
We will integrate the ability to pay safely and conveniently for all of your customers.
Suited for all devices
Your online shop will be compatible with any device, from a smart phone to a large TV.
Optimized loading speed
We’ll implement caching solutions, smart item loading features, optimize images and codes, and leverage additional data centers.
Social media
Does your business have an active social media platform? Whether it’s TikTok or Instagram, you will be able to show your latest posts on your e-store. Allow your customers to share your page on any social media platform.
Manage photos
Add, erase, hide, and optimize photos of your e-store.
Email configuration
We will configure your mailboxes for efficient use. We offer up to 10 emails per package.
Receive notifications about new orders, stock status, and other important alerts. All the notifications will be sent to either your phone or email.
Register/Log in with social media accounts
Customers will be able to register, and later log in, to your website by using Google, Facebook, or any other popular social media account.
SEO optimization
We will optimize your page link, codes, texts, additional speed parameters, and other SEO-related features.
Integration of Google Analytics and Search console
See where the audience is coming from, what exactly they do on your online store, which pages they visit the most, and where they leave the page.
Email marketing
Allow your customers to receive latest offers by email.
Google maps
If needed, we will integrate Google maps allowing to see your business’ location.
General Data Protection
Privacy policy, warning notices, and other technical implementations.
Integration of re-marketing tags
We will integrate Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, or other tags needed for re-advertising purposes.
Uploading information
We will upload all the required information free of charge. Rest easy and save time – we will do all the work for you.
Free updates
If there is something you did not like, we will offer a second option for free.
For the first 3 months we will fix all the defects within your e-store for free, though we are more than sure that there probably won’t be any.
Your store will be protected against potential security threats
We will instruct you on how to easily manage your online shop.
Configuration of servers
We will apply configuration of servers and place your e-store in a supervised server database.
Hosting services
Free hosting services for 3 months.
Project maintenance
During the first month, we will update your system plugins and we will produce corrections for your content according to your needs – all free of charge.
We provide reports according to the agreed schedule.
Developing an online store
Where do I start?
Online stores are much more complex systems compared to a website. There are many functions intact that combine various solutions. For this reason, it is very important to prepare your homework and do the job correctly. Since the development of an online shop does not start with choosing a template, you should note:
Consider the structure of your e-store’s solutions and its complexities.
Decide how much you are willing to invest in the development of your shop.
Assess any changes associated with the shop and its system’s flexibility.

Consider the sales strategy (suppliers, storage, logistics, etc.) and possible development.
Evaluate the main competitors and explore their e-stores in the most precise way possible.
Select all the necessary functions (menu, categories, filter system, language preferences, etc.).

Prepare to be creative – you will have to generate innovative ideas (templates, designs, colors, etc.).
The work should start once the strategy is set. Indeed, we will cover the essential steps together, and if necessary, suggest how we can improve certain aspects.
If you are finding it difficult to plan so much ahead, do not worry. We will create a system that is as flexible and easy to develop as possible.

What is the process of
developing an online shop? How much does it cost?

We will first discuss your plans and goals and suggest the best possible solution. There are many platforms to choose from, including Shopify (monthly payments i.e. rental), WordPress or Magento (both are run via open sources, hosted on a separate server or servers), or other, more expensive and fast-acting solutions, such as JavaScript or Python programming languages.
We will go through the logical aspects behind the operations of the e-store and its function interfaces.
Diagrams can be designed for each more complex system and, if needed, we will provide a detailed explanation to reach a mutual consensus.
This list is crucial because it will form a visual interface that will allow programming work to take place.
The price of SELL starts from €2997 + VAT. We will be able to provide an accurate amount once all the necessary steps will be covered.
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Why choose us?

We accomplished various projects and modern ideas.
We have solved numerous complex tasks.
We helped clients make the right decisions.
We spent hundreds of hours searching for the most suitable options.
An extensive experience in the field combined with a holistic business vision and solution execution – we are prepared to help your business. If you want a convenient online store tailored to your business model, we will do our best to adapt our skills and knowledge to fulfill your needs.

Describe the project and let’s have a discussion!