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Management system plan – MANAGE
Modernized basic plan MANAGE is suited for any business model. We can constantly add additional data, apply modifications, and adapt it to your individual needs.
Establishment of individual accounts for each employee regardless of the nature of the working area.
Principles of sincere cooperation, marketing, and sales promotion.
Order arrangement, combining the required sectors, and general monitoring.

Establishing tasks, their assignment to employees, and examination of the results.
Receive alerts regarding product remainder. Personalized inventory management.
Registration, management, and analysis of information and various data.

This business management system guarantees speed, safety, the convenience of data management, functionality, and an exclusive option to monitor the plan at any time.

Are you wondering how to transfer all the data into the desired system? Think no more, the answer is simple – we are here to do all the work for you. We will develop personalized accounts for each employee, train them if necessary, adjust the system accordingly, and develop it in a way that is easy to navigate and use.

Price: From €5997 + VAT

Module management for
Create users and determine which modules are available to them
Module management for customers
Manage your customers, get access to their orders and invoices, and create various proposals or deals for customers.
Module for services or products
Manage the services and products you provide that will be linked to the production warehouse.
Module for orders
Create new orders that are immediately linked to the product and production warehouse modules. Get access to confirm orders for production.
Module for invoices
Prepare, check, and send invoices quickly and conveniently.
Module for employees
Create new employee accounts, assign user rights, and monitor your employee’s performance.
Warehouse production
Create new elements or standardized duties that subsequently become the products or services you provide. Manage cost and sales prices.
Module for production
Confirm orders for production, assign responsible employees and monitor the production processes. Monitor production warehouse data in line with planned production.
Module for task management
Create and assign tasks and receive reminders from the system.
Search tool
Your business management system will have a quick search engine.
You will have the opportunity to translate the business management system into all the desired languages.
You will receive instructions guide containing all the necessary information on how to use the business management system.
Management of notifications
Set and receive notifications regarding new or remaining orders and other important information via email or phone number.
Suited for all mobile devices
Your business management system will be suited for any device, be it a small smart phone or a large TV set.
Optimizing loading
We’ll develop cache solutions, smart entry loading, optimize images and codes, and leverage addition data centres as required.
Information upload
We will upload all the necessary information, so you do not have to do any additional work – all free of charge.
Configuration of servers
We will apply configuration of servers and place your management system project in a supervised server database.
Hosting services
Free hosting services for 3 months.
The business management system will be protected against potential security threats.
Free upgrade
If there is something you did not like, we will offer a second option for free.
Project maintenance
During the first month, we will update your system plugins and we will produce corrections for your content according to your needs – all free of charge.
Hosting services
Free hosting services for 3 months.
Guarantee of completed work
For the first 3 months we will fix all the defects within your e-store for free, though we are more than sure that there probably won’t be any.
Free upgrade
If there is something you did not like, we will offer a second option for free.
We provide reports according to the agreed schedule.
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Which areas does the business management system cover?

ProdProjects and its costs coordinationuction
Coordinating orders
Inventory management
Warehouse management
CRM for managing communication with customers
Inventory management

What are the main benefits of BMS for your business?

You will maintain a steady pace of the order execution.
will use customer data for sales promotion in the most strategic way possible.
You will have better control of payments and accounts. No more accounting errors.
You will standardize work and will be able to save time.
You will standardize work and will be able to save time.
Properly applied BMS significantly facilitates the work of the company.
What are the main benefits of BMS for your business-image

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Why choose us?
We are a highly qualified international team of specialists.
We provide impeccable service quality, and we care about your results.
We assess deadlines responsibly and we will adapt to your working pace.
We apply the most advanced business management systems to the nature of your business.

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Frequently asked questions about business management systems
Is this a system or a regular program?
It should be noted that a regular program is not equal to a complex business management system. For this reason, we highly recommend that you assess your goals and needs so that you make a legitimate and appropriate investment. BMS connects various company processes into one common, easy-to-manage system. Whereas the program is intended for the management of only one segment, for instance, accounting.
As stated previously, BMS covers various aspects meaning that the choice of system scope depends merely on the nature of your business. For example, if you are a calling center specialist, you do not need logistic services. If you have a growing online business, BMS will cover multiple areas, or rather, combine all processes into one.
If you are struggling to understand our services or simply find it difficult to name what exactly your business needs – do not hesitate and get in touch. Let’s have a discussion.
What are the most popular systems?
The most popular BMS:
CRM is developed for sales. CRM will make sure that you won’t forget to send invoices and other documents to your clients.
Marketing management and monitoring systems (these systems are very similar to Google Analytics and other advertising management tools). Almost every organization uses these tools, and if you require additional services within these systems, we will integrate supplementary systems or tools according to your needs;
DMS (Document Management System) – it allows scanning documents directly to your device and contains a rapid word/photo content search engine. It provided an opportunity to form and sign documents, scan barcodes, and immediately receive descriptions from any web, etc.;
BI – Business Intelligence – it will help you make data-based decisions by combining KPIs, business analysis, work and data management tools, and overall infrastructure.
Productivity / Work / Task / Project management, Trello, Asan, Clickup, and similar tools;
Accounting systems.
We highly recommend opting for individual solutions, because 99% of standard BMS packages may not suit your needs. Do not stop yourself by market standards – strive for a fundamental breakthrough instead.
What are the latest business systems?
The principles of organizational hierarchy logic remain unchanged, however, the process models are ever-changing, and more efficient solutions are constantly being sought. There is an increasing amount of innovations taking place in this area since the data protection topic plays a crucial role in today’s world. The data storage process is constantly analyzed and its management is always improved.
There is also a lot of focus dedicated to the infrastructure of the technologies. Many companies are constantly faced with the challenges of digital transformation. Some organizations still haven’t computerized their operations, whereas others already require significantly more advanced solutions.
We highly recommend paying more attention to global digital transformation and applying relevant innovations in your field. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to introduce you to the most current yet optimal and sustainable technologies.
What types of businesses should be using BMS?
Almost every company is using business management systems. An online store can be compared to BMS since all of the operations are housed in one system. Such solutions are almost always considered standard and can be owned on a rental basis.
For any company, be it a large or a small enterprise (having only 8 people), a business management system will save you money, perform actions faster, and gain an in-depth understanding of your own business.
What does the BMS price depend on?
The price of the MANAGE plan starts from €5997 + VAT
The plan can be adjusted accordingly to your needs and a unique business management system will be created to match the area of your expertise. Note that the price varies accordingly.
There is a support fee that is applied afterward (required for system maintenance).
Does BMS require maintenance after it has been installed? Do I need to pay for it?
Yes, maintenance is required. Most of the infrastructure (security, performance, or stability) requires to be maintained and this is a paid service. However, the customer has the right to administer the infrastructure and its changes himself.