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The MVO team consists of digital project managers, web developers, web designers, system engineers, and online marketing specialists from Europe and Asia. The headquarters are located in Vilnius.

Our customers

Our customers are based all around the world – stretching from the US all the way to the Philippines. We provide services for small and medium-sized businesses that deliver their own services to tens of thousands of users. An extensive expertise in the programming field, including various individual management of systems, websites, and electronic stores, has taught us to view the issues from the business side perspective. We solve problems in a complex yet flexible manner and we only provide efficient services based on the highest competencies.
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Digital Transformation

The term “Digital Transformation” has lost its true meaning. To fully understand what we do, think of an MVO company as a source of digital resources that meet your business needs in various areas, including digital transformation, production, management, visibility, as well as creativity.
Even though the agency was founded in 2019, the majority of our team consists of specialists holding up to 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. We help clients achieve their business goals by providing specialized IT services.

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