Why website speed matters in 2022

Why website speed matters in 2022

When it comes to SEO trends in 2022, website speed is one of the most important factors. So what is website speed, and why does it matter? This article will answer you.


What is website speed?

Website speed is how fast your website’s content loads when someone visits a page on your website. Website speed represents the loading time of a particular page of the website.
What factors will your website speed depend on? These will include:

  • The volume of the website name multimedia files (images, audio, video, ..)
  • What Themes and Plugins are you using for your website?
  • Website Theme and Server Script (or individual sites)

All of these factors affect your website speed and the UX user experience of your website because visitors don’t like websites that load slowly and are more likely to bounce off the page.


Why does website speed matter in 2022?

The first is that user behavior has changed. Nowadays, all users want to find information quickly. Therefore, if they encounter a website with a slow page loading speed, they are always ready to leave it to search for websites that provide information faster.

Second, Google’s algorithms have also considered focusing on user experience more. Recently, Google launched the “Speed Update” algorithm, ranking it for mobile searches. Google emphasizes that sites with fast loading speeds are more likely to win the SEO race.



From the above reasons, you can see that website speed will become important in 2022. Therefore, if you want to run a highly effective website, you need to optimize website speed. The first step to doing that is to find out how your website is currently performing. If you are confused and do not know how to test your website, contact MVO immediately. We have experts to assist you.