What is solutions architecture

What is solutions architecture?

Solutions Architect – an unfamiliar term, but plays an important role in business organizations so that they can create business goals and processes that are right for their markets and resources. company. In this article, we will give the clearest definition of solutions Architect.


Definition solutions Architect

A solutions architect is someone who integrates IT into the business engine based on an assessment of the business needs of the business and how IT can support the business. They can use infrastructure, software or hardware.

Solutions architects also act as the communication bridge between IT and business departments to ensure everyone is aligned in developing and implementing technical solutions. This is a process that requires regular feedback, adjustment, and problem-solving to appropriately design and implement potential solutions.

Solutions Architecture is a collection of business, systems, information, security, application, and technology architectures. The typical job of solutions architecture is to develop cloud infrastructure for efficiency, deploy microservices for e-commerce, or apply security measures to data, systems, and data networks.

Why does your business need a solutions architect?

Today, solutions architects play a very important role in the business apparatus because:

  • They are the ones who lead brainstorming sessions, creating the right solutions for businesses.
  • They are the ones who identify opportunities to innovate and improve processes to increase productivity
  • They are the ones who work with product and delivery teams to develop scalable products and solutions.
  • They are the ones who communicate and consult with customers and internal stakeholders to develop tailored solutions.
  • They are the ones who work with customers and internal stakeholders to develop respective solutions


In the current market context, when information technology develops strongly, the role of architects is emphasized even more. They are people who understand information technology, new trends, and also firmly adhere to the operating mechanism of the business and business thinking. With a solutions architect, your business engine will have more improvements and operate more efficiently.