Summary of website development trends in 2022 that you cannot ignore

Summary of website development trends in 2022 that you cannot ignore

By the end of 2021, the number of websites worldwide has surpassed 5.5 billion pages. Companies are always competing with each other for top search engine rankings. New trends in the market constantly impact the web development process; It’s important to align your goals with the latest trends, techniques, and approaches to stay ahead of the game. So what will be the web development trends of 2022? This article will answer for you.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is a term to refer to a few features that you can add to any web application, any website, as long as it is running in a browser to increase the capabilities of the website itself ( add many new things that the website could not do before), and also increase accessibility to users. When improving the web to Progressive Web App, the ultimate goal is to give users a new experience that works like a native app on your phone that you install from the AppStore or PlayStore.

Why is PWA a website development trend in 2022? According to research reports, nearly 55% of users use their mobile phones to search for information – a fundamental act that leads to websites. This is a condition for PWA to be applied to website development. PWA will bring the following benefits to users and brands:

  • Resource-saving
  • Seamless installation
  • Reduce costs
  • Reach the market faster
  • Distribution to users is more flexible


Dark mode interface

The dark mode is also known as Black mode/Dark theme/Night mode/Light-on-dark. This is a new technology developed in the last few years and also an important trend in the web development field in 2022. The biggest giants like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Android, Apple, YouTube, Reddit, etc., jumped in.

The dark mode is preferred by 89.9% of users (according to the Statista survey in 2021). It helps reduce blue light, soothes eyes, reduces eye strain, and saves battery life for users. When companies are always aiming to increase the user experience, Dark mode is a factor that cannot be ignored.


Optimized Voice Search

As a professional website developer, you cannot ignore the voice search trend. By reviewing and researching user insights, MVO realized that websites needed to include Voice Search in their technical SEO strategy in order to stay ahead of their competition.

It is predicted that about 50% of households will use voice search, and this number will increase to 60% in the next 2 years. Here are some characteristics of voice search, which prove that it will be a web development trend in 2022:

  • Fast transfer speed
  • HTTPS sites rank high in Google voice search.
  • Prioritize short, easy-to-read content
  • Prioritize content with high social engagement—for example, Facebook, Twitter.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source framework developed by Google and Twitter. AMP has a role in creating better, faster experiences on the mobile web. Moreover, AMP is also highly appreciated for its ability to retain users.

In 2022, AMP will be the new website development trend because it will help websites create better user experiences. Especially if you are building e-commerce stores, you cannot ignore it. In addition to increasing the user experience, AMP also helps the content on your website have more opportunities to reach users.


Chatbots powered by AI

The need for AI-powered communication continues to grow in 2022. Websites will focus more on building AI chatbots and assistants to improve user experience.
Chatbots have been underestimated in the past, but the convenience and attraction of users immediately when they visit the website. Quick response is the power to help businesses avoid reducing customer churn. Global industries like E-Commerce, travel, hospital, etc., are realizing the importance of chatbots.

Prioritize website development on mobile devices
This is not a new website development trend but will continue to increase in 2022. It will be remiss if we do not mention it.

According to reports of leading companies, now more than 50% of users use mobile devices as the main means of internet surfing. On average, each person will spend 2.5 hours on this. This means if we don’t optimize the mobile experience, we are giving 50% of our users a bad experience, and they will leave our website.


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is one of the important future technologies. It is also a new website development trend. Statista has released a report that from 2022 to 2030, there will be 25.4 billion IoT devices. This huge number shows that IoT is the fastest website development technology today.

IoT makes data transmission seamless, and it will also create enhanced communication between functional models and website layouts. This ensures the timeliness of your website’s information, security, and reliability.



Currently, API in general and Web API, in particular, are being used more and more. Most websites have applications to Web APIs that allow you to connect to, retrieve data, or update databases.

Web API Highlights:

  • Product automation
  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • Real-time information updates
  • There is a common standard that is easy to use


Motion UI

Basically, the Motion UI will have small cues that help the user recognize the recorded physical impact. Website building and development is not simply a technology or a rule. It also involves design and creativity. Motion UI is a new trend in 2022 to help users have a more intuitive experience on the website, making your website beautiful.


Single-Page Application

Single-Page Application (SPA) programmed websites will provide a smooth experience. Users will feel like they are using a mobile application, not surfing the website. In addition to providing the optimal user experience, SPA is also easy to create, ensuring efficiency and cost for business owners. Those are why SPA will be increasingly widely applied in website development.



The above are the most prominent website development trends in 2022. Have you updated your website yet? Contact MVO for expert advice.