Programmatic Advertising Trends 2022 That You Can’t Ignore

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly important in marketing campaigns. Especially user habits that have been reshaped through the pandemic. Experts have predicted that in 2022, 90% of the budget of digital marketing campaigns will go to Programmatic Advertising, this number doubles compared to 2019. As a marketer, you cannot ignore this field. So in 2022, what trends will Programmatic Ads have to keep an eye on? Below is an analysis from an expert of MVO agency.



# 1 Changing the way collecting data and targeted

For years, marketers have relied on third-party cookies to programmatically target and display advertisements to users. However, in the next period, data collection through 3rd party cookies will no longer be available. Therefore, advertisers need to find a new way to ensure their marketing campaigns reach the right target users, so that new ad spend is not wasted. There are currently 3 possible ways for programmatic advertisers to adopt alternatives:

Contextual targeting – this means that ads will be delivered to sites with the same content, rather than relying on user information. In terms of user behavior, this method is quite effective. And surveys also show that 61% of marketers will use this method.

Consistent data collection methods – Companies may collect information from consumers through voluntary exchanges, such as opt-in forms and surveys. Publishers may also incentivize users to provide information for ad targeting in exchange for bonuses.

Use tools of technology giants such as Unified Identity 2.0 ; · Google SandBox ; · Apple Sk adNetwork. These are the 3 most typical alternatives to third-party cookies. While their solutions are both in the early stages of development, they promise a lot of marketing potential.



#2 Use programmatic DOOH

With an eye-catching, intelligent display that attracts attention and delivers a flexible message, Digital Outdoor Advertising Strategy is one of the most effective outdoor advertising strategies available today. After the outbreak of the pandemic, cities are all in a state of reintegration into the community and the need for users to go out is increasing. Therefore outdoor advertising gradually becomes effective. With programmatic DOOH, media buyers can target viewers and outdoor audiences in relevant ad settings based on important factors, like time of day, weather, social events association, etc.

Programmatic DOOH uses data analytics, AI, and deep learning to organize, compile, and deliver ads to a targeted audience. This allows advertisers to better manage their campaigns and use data-centric targeting. According to research, interactive media attracts a larger audience and generates 100% more conversions than static media for DOOH ads.



#3 Digital audio advertising is crowned

Digital audio content is attracting a large audience; thus leading to the development of programmatic audio advertising. In recent times, podcasts and audiobooks have become a preferred medium of communication for many young people. According to recent reports, more than 60% of the US population listens to online audio content weekly – the average weekly listening time in 2021 is 16 hours and 14 minutes. Other reports show that online audio will account for 11.7% of all media time in the US in 2021.

Programmatic audio advertising involves embedding relevant ads in digital audio content, such as podcasts, music streaming, audio articles, and more. Brands and marketers can use the automated and data-centric approach of programmatic systems to drive conversions while targeting audio audiences. According to research reported by Nielsen, audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than display ads and are twice as likely to increase a purchase decision.



#4 The ultimate trend : Video ads in mobile apps

In 2022, there will be 3.4 billion smartphone users and of which 3.2 billion will play mobile games. That’s why Video Ads in Mobile Apps became the programmatic advertising trend this year. This is a huge marketing channel for advertisers to target. According to recent reports, the conversion rate of this advertising trend is increasing very well. To achieve the best effect, advertisers often use landscape video and focus content in the first 5-7 seconds to attract users.

Above are the 4 programmatic advertising trends that are most interesting in 2022. If you are looking to upgrade your programmatic advertising campaigns, learn them now. Or simply, contact the MVO agency immediately to receive effective solutions.