Holistic approach in digital transformation

How to take the holistic approach to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot trend that is being urgently implemented in many businesses. This is easy to understand, because Digital Transformation brings a lot of benefits to both businesses and consumers. However, digital transformation is not a task or a business cycle. It is a strategy that deeply affects the operation of the company. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to digital transformation is required. In this article, we will briefly analyze what is a holistic approach to digital transformation. Read it now because it really helps your business.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation in organizations and businesses is the process of transforming from a traditional model to a digital enterprise by applying new technologies such as big data (Big Data), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, etc. cloud (Cloud)… change the mode of operation. , leadership, work processes and company culture. Digital transformation brings many benefits such as cutting operating costs, reaching more customers in a longer time, helping to make faster and more accurate decisions thanks to a transparent and timely reporting system.


How to take the holistic approach to Digital Transformation

You first need to understand that digital transformation is a strategy with a long-term vision and requires careful research, intelligently aligning activities in your business so that your business activities Uninterrupted. To take a holistic approach to digital transformation, business leaders need to take these 3 steps:


Define business goals and vision

This is the most important thing for your digital transformation to take place successfully. You need to clarify your hopes and achievements that you want in this digital transformation. For example, you might want your business to have an automated process or a better database. Or do you want to build a specific toolkit that reaches more potential customers at a lower cost.


Survey and evaluate the current infrastructure of the business

The goal of an enterprise infrastructure reassessment is to identify where businesses are in digital transformation, what they need to innovate, what to keep, and what to get rid of its operating apparatus. If you skip this step, you may end up causing waste and damage in the future.
Make a plan so that the departments can collaborate with each other
As stated in the beginning, digital transformation is the story of the whole business, not a single task of anyone. Therefore, the connection between departments is a key factor to lead to success. You need to create a workflow or communication plan between departments to ensure smooth digital transformation. In particular, organizations must be sure to plan appropriately for any employee training that will be required with new technologies.



Digital transformation is an inevitable trend, if businesses want to win in an increasingly competitive market, they cannot ignore it. In addition to having the right and holistic approach, you also need a team of experts to support you throughout your digital transformation. If you are wondering where to start for your business, please contact MVO immediately. We provide you with the right solutions for the most efficient digital transformation.