Benefits of using Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversion API: The Future of the Facebook pixel

In January 2020, Google announced that it will be phasing out third-party cookies entirely by 2022. News from Apple’s iOS 14 update will also ask users to “agree” / “disagree” to be collected to prevent automated tracking tools like Pixel. This significantly affects the advertising campaigns of marketers on Facebook, which can reduce efficiency and increase costs.

So what makes Digital Marketers nervous and confused? It’s the Facebook pixel that is likely to be “outdated” in the future. And Facebook Conversion API will be an important key for marketers to solve this challenge.


The importance of the Facebook pixel in Facebook advertising

The Facebook pixel is the tool for tracking customer behavior on the page and generating exact lookalike audience files. Not only that, it also contributes to effective ad campaign optimization and retargeting.

If the Facebook pixel is lost, it also means that Facebook Ads is no longer lucrative.
However, advertising is Facebook’s “golden egg”, so this giant will surely turn around for timely innovation strategies. When the Pixel is no longer useful, Facebook still has a way out for itself, which is the Facebook Conversion (CAPI) tracking tool.


What is Facebook Conversion API?

This is a tracking tool that records and stores all information about user behavior on a business website. Overall, the Facebook Conversion API is similar to the Facebook pixel, but with a few differences:

Conversion API: records information directly on the active internet server of the site. So, even if the browser restricts the tracking of pixel data, CAPI can still work. All data collected by CAPI is transferred directly to Facebook’s Server.

Facebook Pixel: information recorded through a web browser. With the new update from Google and iOS14, when the user has the right to block data from the browser, pixels will probably disappear in the future.


Benefits of Facebook Conversion API

Facebook Conversions API gives marketers a variety of tools and insights useful for better customer insights as user data becomes increasingly secure. Here are the specific benefits:
Full Channel Visibility: CAPI gives businesses the ability to share precise data, something pixels haven’t been able to do yet. In the current landscape, while the Pixel is still available, when you combine both the API and the Conversion Pixel, your data has full-funnel visibility.
Accurate data sharing: Data is shared precisely through CAPI without fear of being lost due to browser problems or ad-blocking software.

Data control: Businesses can completely control the source of data, decide what content to share and how. In contrast, pixels are only shareable in real time



The Facebook Conversion API is a great tool and is currently used by top advertisers around the world to understand the customer’s buying journey. Currently, the privacy of customers is increasingly secure, so the feature of tracking users through cookies will quickly disappear. Choosing for yourself a new path is a wise move in the advertising industry.